Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goal Setting

Most people know that I am a crazy goal setter and list maker. And as I am moving to California, I have started my goal setting and list making in earnest. Actually, I have started it in spiral notebooks but you get the idea. So in addition to getting packed, finding the right mover and getting the dogs situated, I have been making my California goals. Eating more vegetables, making my own yogurt and daily walks on the beach are a few. Noble goals yes, but my most ambitious goal is the one I am most excited about.

I love writing letters. I love getting letters. My grandmother's favorite comment is that you have to write letters to receive letters. This is not a problem for me. So, after reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I was inspired to write more letters. (I highly recommend this book to any and all people who love a great story.) The goal: 365 letters in one year.

My plan is to begin May 3, 2010 and end May 2, 2011. Within that time period I hope to have written 365 letters.
Here are the rules:
  • I can use postcards, notecards, paper and birthday cards.
  • But I must write a paragraph or more. I cannot sign a card and call it a letter.
  • I can send a letter to the same person several times
  • But cannot reproduce the same letter and send it to multiple people.
  • All letters, notes and such must be handwritten.
  • I cannot count Christmas cards. ( I am so strict!)

What do I hope to achieve by this? A sense of purpose, a chance to keep in touch and a great deal of fun. And if we happen to discover the joy of really cool stamps along the way, so be it!

Keep in touch!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sense of Accomplishment

After reading and debating, I took the plunge. I decided to spend a weekend, grocery shopping, assembling and cooking several meals for the freezer. One trip to Whole foods, Kroger and Costco and one day in the kitchen yielded over a dozen meals. I made two lasagnas, 12 Chimichangas, two mac'n'cheese dishes, two pasta bakes, three turkey meatloaves and one chicken in raspberry sauce. I even managed to get a shower in that day. How about that?!

Since we are working hard to sell the house, we have been trying to keep it spotless. This takes a lot of energy and creativity! So, there is not much left over for cooking. Eating out is not good for either the waistline or the budget. Hopefully this will solve a great many dilemmas.