Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just one of the dogs

I realized on our morning walk today, that the two furry devils and I have a lot in common. Mischa and Paige sniff the ground with such interest and delight. They mosey along taking their time to savor the journey and then they begin to walk in earnest. They pick up the pace to keep up with me and grin as the feel good endorphins pour through their body.

In reviewing the walk, I realize that I am no different. I stop at a few back yard fences to smell roses. Sometime I slow down my pace to enjoy the ocean breeze or get a closer look at the water fowl near by. Then I realize I need to get some exercise and I pick up the pace. I smile as I realize how strong and skinny I am going to be if I just keep this up.

So, in the grand scheme of things I guess we really are a pack. And we really do take on characteristics of our loved ones, often when we are not looking!

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