Friday, July 15, 2011

Using up the extras

So, many of you know I am cheap. Or thrifty, depending on whom you talk to. Which means I like to use up as much free stuff as I can. Which means instead of using up my Yellowstone paper, I relied on free resources. For a 50 cent donation, I snagged a Yellowstone map. I used the map while in the park and then when I got home, I used it for background. I used sections of my paid for paper and blended it in with my map backgrounds.

This layout is about our hike to Fairy Falls. We arrived at the trail head to find a sign that said, "Campsite 48 is closed due to bear gnawing on carcass. Contact the ranger station for new assignment." Good times! We hiked through the rain and found our way to the waterfall and it was beautiful. Aaron found me a great walking stick and then we headed our muddy, damp selves back to the lodge.

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