Thursday, January 12, 2012

My word for 2012 is SMILE.

Thanks to Scrapping Every Day Miracles and Sketchy Thursdays, I have a layout on my 2012 word.

Ali Edwards encourages folks to sum up what they want out their next year in one word. For the first time ever, I am finally doing it. Ali Edwards has been doing this project since 2006 and only now am I on board. I am seriously behind the times. But at least I am here.

When I decided what I wanted 2012 to be the first word that came to me was smile. I want to smile more. I want to encourage more smiles. I want to support smiles. I want to dream and smile. My dear husband refers to this as the smile-icious year. He never stops cracking me up.

I was debating whether or not to try and do a layout on my chosen word. When out of no where...okay, so in my dashboard on the blogs I follow came a prompt from Scrapping Everyday Miracles. It is a prompt encouraging us to scrap about our dreams for the coming year. That is right. My dream of more smiles is finally going to get some stage time. And thanks to Sketchy Thursdays, I have a layout plan to go with it.

Hope that you enjoy the results!


  1. Hello JLP, lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for joining us this month in our Challenge. I think you chose a great word, and love the fact that you scrapped it. Hope to see you around our little home on the web more. We're up with a new Sketch Challenge tomorrow *wink*

  2. Thank you for taking on our challenge JLP! I think your word for the year (and layout) is great (that would be good for me too.) I hope we see more of you around SEM. =)

  3. I love that your dream is more smiles... Dont we all need that... I cant tell you how much better it makes me feel when I am down to just smile... I think we all could smile more.... I believe no matter what there is always something to smile about.... thanks for joining over at SEM!

  4. I love that your DH refers to this as a "smile-icious" year!! What a great way to describe it!! I did this last year and I really loved it and really worked towards it. Good luck with yours!! Thanks for entering your layout for the SEM challenge!!

  5. Jana, your page is so cute. I love the whole idea of it and I also love your husband's word for it, "smile-icious". That's too cute!!

    Thank you for joining us this month for our challenge at SEM!

  6. What a wonderful word to have for this year - thanks so much for joining us at Scrapping Everyday Miracles. You have made us smile! :)