Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buddy system

Last San Diego zoo layout I promise! At the zoo, they have a fascinating buddy system for cheetahs and other cats that size. Whenever a cat is brought to the zoo or born in the zoo, the cat is immediately paired with a dog. The dogs are mutts adopted from the local animal shelter. The two animals become friends by growing up together and learning to trust each other. Then when the cat is taken to a school or a zoo event, the dog is brought along as well. The cat learns to take his or her cue from the dog. If the dog is relaxed so is the cat. It is called the buddy system and is a great way to set up an animal ambassador program. Way to go San Diego Zoo.

This layout is similar to others in that I am still using October Afternoon's county fair and Imaginisce's happy camper line. It was a lot of fun. Hope that you enjoy!

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