Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LOAD is not for sissies!!!

So, I am behind on Layout a Day (LOAD). I am about 9 layouts behind. Hmm, guess what my evening entertainment is going to be?!! I find that I am having so much fun with this project and am so grateful for the chance to do something creative everyday.

Recently, I have been falling in love with new papers from Melody Ross and with the Paper Source catalogue! Thanks to a fabulous visit with some friends in Louisville and a wonderful time with my good buddy, Dara, I am in a happy, creative mood.

Lain Ehmann says that creativity is like exercise, it is better when you do it regularly. I think I have to agree. It is easier for me to pull together ideas, layouts and such when I am on a daily scrapbooking regimen.

Hope that you enjoy a few examples of what I have been doing!

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