Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey there! Another layout for May LOAD. I find that I am doing a lot of scrapping my everyday life. Lot's of scrapbook gurus talk about doing that. I have been taking pictures of my daily walks, my cooking, how I spend my time, etc. And now I am creating layouts with a lot of journaling to explain what I am doing with my life. It is a different and yet fun experience!

This layout is about my love for coffeeshops and my dislike of coffee! Sounds complicated, huh? Being at a coffeeshop makes me more efficient. I find that I can only work on the work that I brought with me-no distractions of what else I need to be working on. I have lots of time to make lists and update my day planner. Laundry, dishes and other incidentals can be dealt with later. I settle down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and my many papers and pens and go to town!

Details: Paper comes from October Afternoon and scraps from the pile. I also circle punched bands that I collected from my various coffeeshop adventures. Thanks to Peet's, Coffee Bean and Starbucks for keeping me on a roll!

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