Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Such a fabulous day for me

Oh my goodness, I was scraplifted! This is absolutely boggling to me. As I am a total scraplifter I understand the concept in the extreme. I scraplift constantly. If you told me to create a page with no sketch or layout to copy from... I might throw in the towel. Because I am surrounded by amazingly gifted and talented people, I cannot help but scraplift.

Today, someone decided to scraplift an idea from a layout of mine. I am in awe. Someone thought that my work was worthy of some kind of imitation! I cannot bend my mind around this. This is almost as if the universe is saying, I might be as talented as those lovely women I scraplift from all the time. Most of these women know who they are...but if they don't, Dara, Amanda, Mindy, Reagan and of course, Ali Edwards and May Flaum.

Thank you ladies for inspiring me!

Now about my layout of the day. This is a collection of old October Afternoon paper. Anyone else seeing a pattern- I am huge October Afternoon hoarder! I could not resist highlighting a series of really sweet pictures of Aaron with the puppies! Hope that you enjoy!

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  1. How did I not know you started a blog?????? Am I THAT out of the loop?????? lol

    GREAT LO!!!!! love the colors!!!