Thursday, February 24, 2011

Organization is the key

I am back to cleaning and organizing. It felt like I was sick, then I was busy and my weekly projects began piling up on me. This past week, I was able to work on my list of 52 and get a few done.

Organizing Junkie, has a plan for 52 weeks to a clutter-free, organized home. She encourages folks to break down their organizing projects into 52 weekly mini-projects. My first round was the bedroom closet. Then I worked on the hall closet and now we can close it completely.

This week I have a space of containerized (real word I promise) dog stuff. Also, a series of bookshelves that are finally weeded out and tidy grace my bookcase. And finally, the bottom shelf in the pantry which has been my dishtowel nemesis, has been conquered. I went to Target to buy suitable containers for the supplies and I purged a great deal. I am finally accepting that in my life I need things that are functional as well as beautiful. I am also accepting that I cannot keep every gift I have ever been given... that requires a larger home and more containers. :)

Here are some after pictures of my organizing successes. You may be asking where are the before pictures. Are you crazy? Do you think I am honestly going to show off what a slob I am?! No way! But I will show off my new happy little corners of clean.

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