Monday, April 25, 2011

More paper fun

Here are the results of using up your fun paper instead of saving it for the "special" project. This time, I used the paper to scrap a few of my less than "bright and happy" experiences. There is a layout on my slightly obsessive love of books and one about major life decisions.

For both layouts, I stepped out of my comfort zone to take pictures of inanimate objects to tell a story. Once again, True Scrap gave me some new photographic advice that I was looking forward to playing with. I took a picture of a stack of books that I am currently reading to do a layout on my reading habits. (Scrapping the everyday, don't cha know!) Then I took a picture of a notebook that had a blank page entitled Pros and Cons. This picture helped me build a layout around the decisions our family is making about future plans.

In the end, being encouraged to use up my favorite paper and take different photographs, helped me tell more of my story. Scrapbooking is not always chronological. Sometimes it is using pictures and words to tell a story.

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