Saturday, January 22, 2011

Over half way there...

Well, the closet in now 2/3 finished. Last week, the sweaters, hats and bins on the shelf. This week, the rack and next week is shoes! I took everything out of my closet and asked the Clutter Rehab questions:
1. Do I love it?
2. Do I use it?
3. How long ago did I last use it? ( More than a year, gets tossed.)
4. Do I have room to store it without it affecting my efficiency and stress levels? (This one seemed to be the most key for me.)
5. Am I willing to give up something else in order to make room for it?
6. Can I imagine myself or anyone else in my family ever loving it or using it in the foreseeable future?

In conjunction with the closet clean out, I am also trying to organize/build a complete wardrobe. As stated before, I am tired of looking at a closet of clothes and thinking I have nothing to wear. So, there are a few standard pieces that everyone, from Tim Gunn to my grandmother, insist that I own. The basics are those that fill well and coordinate together.
The top 10 list of Tim Gunn is:
1. Little Black Dress
2. Trench coat
3. Dress pants
4. Classic Shirt
5. Jeans
6. Any occasion top or cardigan
7. Skirt
8. Day dress
9. Blazer/ Jacket
10. Casual outfit (think alternative to sweatsuit)

My grandmother would add a fun top with lots of color and at least two good t-shirts.

So, after having a clear out as they say in Europe, I am down to items that fit and am a little shy of the list. Time to watch sales and check out the consignment stores. Well, off to do laundry!

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