Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting Birthday planning

It's the beginning of January and I am trying to get all my ducks in a row! Of course I try this every January. This year, I am trying to make up a big batch of birthday cards for the year.

Ashley Connelly at The Creative Place had a fabulous suggestion. She encouraged crafters to put together card kits. Cutting the paper down to the sizes needed, stamping the message and adding embellishments. Then when you have some free time, just assemble.

So, I tried her suggestion. A few months ago, I saw some paper, cardstock and ribbon that just made me giddy. I sat down and cut and organized. A few days later, I stamped the message on my cut cardstock. A few days after that, I managed to cut the ribbon to size. All of these items were stored in a quart size baggie (a crafter's best friend) awaiting the assembly process.

Today, I finally sat down and assembled. Now, I have a start on my birthday cards. Still have a few more to make, but that is another kit and another day. Thanks Ashley for the great tip.

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