Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Under piles of laundry and lists of To do's

Well, we definitely had a great time on our vacation. You can tell, by the disaster that hit our home. I am now crawling out from underneath the housework and almost have the place looking like humans live here.

Although, I cannot even get upset by this, because San Francisco was incredible! Every day was another amazing experience and learning opportunity. Day one was a trek through Union Square and checking out the William Sonoma flagship store. Ah, cooking gadgets, cookbooks and pretty dishes always take me to my happy place. Then we walked down to the financial district to meet a friend for lunch. Along the way, we discovered a patch of nature in the form of a small redwood park provided by Transamerica. Finally, we made it to the Ferry building for some wildly good food. Next, onto the North Beach neighborhood for some italian gelato and tasty fudge. The evening ended in the Marina at a fabulous vegetarian restaurant called Greens.

Day two was full of fun food! We started the morning by checking out the Good Food award winners. Some delightful cheeses, preserves, chocolate and pickles. After breakfast, we had a two hour walking tour of Chinatown where we learned about history and fortune cookies. All good things. We had lunch at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. So gooooood! We ended the evening with Little Star pizza down in the Mission. Followed by some creative ice cream at Bi-Lo Creamery. Dear husband had roasted banana and malted Vanilla. I had orange cardamom and honey lavender. Yum!

Day three was a walking fest. First we walked around Union Square and then used Bart to get us down to the Castro neighborhood. After checking out Harvey Milk's stomping grounds and a few gorgeous Victorian homes, we paused. We stretched, re-fueled at a local Mexican restaurant called El Toro and then began again. Our next stop was the most incredible cookbook store. No that is not a misprint. The Omnivore's Vintage Bookstore was terribly pleasant. I poured over books for nearly an hour and nearly bought up the store, before being reminded (a bit forcefully) that we were getting on a plane the next day. After all that walking, we stumbled back up to the Bart and took it back to the hotel.

All in all, I would recommend San Francisco to everyone. Good food, good exercise, and lots of delights around every corner.

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