Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gratituesday...a day late.

What am I grateful for this Tuesday and Wednesday, several things. But the one that stands out lately is mason jars. I love canning jars.

Our recent move to a coastal city reminded me of creepy crawlies that get into plastic bags of food. We have lost more coconut and flour that way. So, I started trying to find the perfect plastic containers that would maximize pantry space and contain all of my food. It gets expensive. Then I started putting some smaller items into my pint jars. Next, I tried to put some of my bulk items into larger quart canning jars. When I started making my own spice mixes, I found the mason jars helped me out again. Now, I do not know what I would do without my fabulous and fun mason jars.

I like looking into my pantry shelf and seeing my jars of goodies lined up like toy soldiers. Occassionally, I have the worry about breakage. But overall, it is a working and workable system. Who am I to mess with that?!!

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